Solving your People and Organizational Pain Points

We will partner with you to assess and address your biggest people and organizational pain points such as retention, silos, burn out, performance, agility, innovation, managers, engagement, technology adoption and behavior change.

Employee Experience & EVP

We will partner with your organization to assess, design/evolve, implement and sustain a differentiating employee experience.

Dynamic Workplace Playbook

We have variety of new products and services to guide companies in determining if, when, who and how they will return to offices, the amount and design of office space they will need and implementation services to get them there. 

Culture, Purpose, Values & Behaviors

We will partner with your organization to assess, design/evolve, implement a differentiated vision, mission, purpose, values and behaviors to sustain a strong, healthy culture. 

Transformation and Change Management

  • Current state assessment

  • Business case / compelling vision

  • Change impact assessment 

  • Design of new ways of working

  • Leadership alignment

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Resistance planning

  • User personas and journey maps

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Messaging and communications

  • Change and training plan

  • Metrics, KPIs & accountability plan 

  • Feedback and iteration plan

  • Sustainability plan

  • Optimization package (diagnose and address adoption issues)

Ad Hoc & Ongoing Advising


  • Building meaning and purpose into the work and organization

  • Remote/hybrid/dynamic work

  • Future of work

  • Change management

  • Digital transformation

  • Culture

  • Employee experience

  • Talent optimization

  • Organization optimization

  • Strategic communications

  • Leadership development