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Recent Projects

Global Big 4 Consulting Firm

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Served as strategic advisor to leadership and led the design and execution of the change management strategy for:

  • Implementation of various digital, automation and collaboration platforms

  • Transition the workforce to hybrid model 

  • Acquisitions, reorgs, outsourcing, shared services, contingent workforce

  • Digital up-skilling the workforce 

  • HR transformation (people, process, technology platforms)

  • Evolution and launch of purpose, culture, values and employee experience

High-Growth Unicorn Status Pre-IPO Tech Startup

  • Built and launched a client-facing transformation practice and methodology

  • Trained professional services and customer success teams on integrating the methodology into the delivery model

  • Served as the client facing transformation leader, driving successful implementation, adoption and business value realization (averaging 17.2% increase in productivity and 19% more revenue) for nearly 100 clients


Global Medium Size PE-Backed Technology Firm

Conference Room
  • Partnered with the C-Level to stand up a transformation office

  • Partnered with the org design team to articulate the new ways of working and led the change and communications strategy to transition the org to its new structure, culture and ways of working

  • Launched a new vision, mission, values and culture

Large Public Global Customer Experience Company

  • Designed and implemented an end-to-end people strategy (EVP, onboarding, EX, culture, leadership development, listening, performance management, offboarding) leading to improved EX, decreased attrition (5%) and increased engagement (8%)

  • Partnered with leaders to integrate the siloed business units around the new vision, mission, values, culture and purpose

Customer Service

A Large Media Conglomerate

Sunset Over New York City
  • Guided the client through post-merger integration (culture, tech, etc.) and organizational redesign activities.

  • Partnered with a broader strategy team to orchestrate a holistic, data-driven approach to org redesign, including harmonizing redundancies and providing leaders with structural and financial data (spans, layers, open roles, and financial) of their orgs, along with suggested levers to reduce costs and improve culture.

  • Led the change management activities to transition the organization to its new structure and ways of working. 

PE Backed Global Beauty Brand

  • Supported the implementation of a centralized transformation office to orchestrate a reorg, capabilities building, and transformation of ways of working

  • Led the development and execution of change, communications, and training activities for pre, during and post-launch of 10 workstreams. 

Networking Event
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Global Top-Tier Management Consulting Firm

Business Meeting
  • Developed and led the execution of the change management strategy and activities to increase adoption of an internal digital learning and knowledge sharing platform

  • Designed the change management strategy, process and tools for ongoing releases of platform features

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