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Title _ The Flourishing Advantage Subtitle _ How to Harness Employee Thriving as Your Comp

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What does it take to win in the talent pool while succeeding in today’s evolving business landscape?


It’s more important than ever for companies to unlock the highest capabilities and performance of their people and organizations. Yet, they increasingly create environments and experiences that inadvertently repel, stifle and disengage their employees, and as a result, customers. But there is a better way. 


In her thought-provoking book, Tonille Miller unveils the untapped potential in our companies, emphasizing the crucial relationship between employee thriving and business success. Her work bridges the gap between what leaders are trying to accomplish and what employees need to succeed, ultimately creating environments that enrich lives and fuel exceptional performance. 


Drawing on extensive research and real-life examples from successful organizations, including her clients, Miller sheds light on blindspots and presents concrete strategies and practical tools to ignite motivation, foster engagement, and cultivate high performance. This indispensable playbook will guide executives, managers, and HR professionals in transforming their organizations into thriving ecosystems where their businesses prosper because employees are able to do the best work of their lives. 

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